Somerville Studio


Group Fitness:

Each studio has a great team of trainers including exercise physiologists, exercise scientists and qualified Pilates instructors. With expert knowledge of human movement we create high intensity workouts that will improve your fitness, strength, mobility and performance.
At reformed we love to use our reformers to create challenging classes in a fun and pumping team environment. We also understand the benefits of other exercise modalities and the benefit of having variety in a training regime. Our studios also feature boxing, circuit training, TRX suspension training and more. Our clients have access to a wide variety of class styles to get the most out of their effort and stay motivated.

One on one training:

One on one training is a great way to hone onto specific goals and enjoy exercise delivery that is specific to your own criteria. If you are a novice exerciser it is also a great starting point to nourish your experience and build your confidence. Our trainers are experts and you can choose from our team of exercise physiologists, exercise scientists, Pilates instructors and boxers to assist you in reaching your goals.

Exercise Physiology: Active treatment, active recovery

Exercise physiology is the use of exercise to treat and manage pain and complex conditions.



2x Toilets

Filtered Water

Sweat Towels

Matt Eager

Matt Eager

Head Trainer

Matty has spent the past 4 years since graduating from his Masters acquiring knowledge on how the human body moves, both when healthy and when injured, to help him hone his skills as a rehabilitation practitioner.

Matty had his first Pilates experience when he worked in the industry for a short period whilst completing his Masters degree and never looked back; his passion burns through whilst training his clients – as do their glutes!

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